Kanye West will be executive producing Rihanna's new album. He made the announcement while talking to Ryan Seacrest of E! on the GRAMMY red carpet.

"I’m executive producing Rihanna’s album," West said. "I played her my album. And I said, ‘I got a few songs with Paul McCartney. She couldn’t get past the record. She had to have it on her album. So now we’re at the GRAMMYs doing it."

Kanye, Paul McCartney and Rihanna will be performing their hit collaboration "FourFiveSeconds" tonight at the Grammys. The song will reportedly be on Rihanna’s upcoming album and well as 'Ye. There is currently no release date set for either Rihanna or Kanye West’s next album. Kanye's last album, Yeezus, was released in 2013.

Earlier today a happy Kanye West lets an aspiring rapper approached ‘Ye and asked if he could spit for him. Much like he did back in May when he let a fan rap for him outside of Kanye and Kim’s SoHo apartment, Yeezy gave the fan a few minutes to do his thing. The rapper, whose name is Cameron Grey, spit while Kanye smiled and Justin Bieber yelled from afar to keep going. While out in LA for Grammy weekend, Kanye has been seen smiling in flicks and enjoying himself at parties and performances. After he left the Big Sean show on Saturday night. Watch the video here.

Best part of the interview is when Kanye humbled Seacrest.  Just be careful what you ask 'Ye guys.

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