Kanye West recently made an appearance on Ellen and added to his long list of nonsensical rants by going on tangents on a number of topics. This hilarious interview made for easy fodder for Stephen Colbert who just parodied the now infamous sit down.

For a recap, West took eight minutes out of his interview with Ellen to drop jewels like these: "I feel that if I had more resources, I could help more people. I have ideas that can make the human race's existence within our hundred years better."

And this: “Picasso is dead. Steve Jobs is dead. [Walt] Disney is dead. Name someone living that you can name in the same breath as them. We’re one race, the human race, we’re a blip in the existence of the universe and we’re constantly trying to pull each other down. It’s like I’m shaking talking about it. I feel I can make a difference while I’m here. I feel I can make a difference through my skill set."

And don't forget about this one: "F-ck the paparazzi, whatever perception you have of me. Starting with the truth. Starting with what everyone's thinking. Start there. Put some dope shit with it."

Colbert added his own comedy to the situation talking about the big ideas he has as well. "I wanna make better hot dog buns," he told the crowd. "People say that's crazy when I talk to them at a party about hot dog buns, but when I was in second grade I ate hot dog. I called Oscar Meyer, I'm like 'We got to make longer buns that match the length of the hot dogs.'"

He added, "Humans are connected. Picasso is dead, Walt Disney is dead. Sleeping Beauty? Not dead, just looks dead."

Check out the entire hilarious clip, above.

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