While it has been incredibly difficult to understand the release plan for Kanye West's new album The Life of Pablo, it sounds like there could be some type of method to the madness. A source close to Kanye West is now claiming that there are plans for the physical release of The Life of Pablo to be a deluxe edition.

In a story published today (Feb. 18) by the New York Times, an unnamed source says that a deluxe physical edition is in the works. The New York Times says the source must remain anonymous as he or she is not authorized to speak publicly about the album's release. The source could not confirm any timeline on this physical release though as it hinges on Kanye West's creative process.

It may only be a glimmer, but perhaps this is a light at the end of the tunnel for many Kanye West fans who have been frustrated by the rollout of The Life of Pablo. As of today (Feb. 18), no one is able to purchase the album. The project is only available on the streaming service Tidal.

Kanye West has also made statements indicating the album is not truly finished. He tweeted that he need to fix "Wolves," a song that originally debuted in 2015. Kanye West performed a version of the song on Saturday Night Live that featured Vic Mensa and Sia. This version did not end up on The Life of Pablo as one with different lyrics and features by Frank Ocean and Caroline Shaw appeared on the Tidal release instead. A new version of the song recently leaked online, but was taken down. For all we know, the songs may still be evolving as we speak.

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