These days, Kanye West sightings are far and few between, but generally, whenever we have seen him, he's appeared to be enjoying the things he loves most with his family at his side. The latest Yeezy sighting was no different, as it found the rapper visiting the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture with his father, Ray West.

In video of their visit, we can see both Wests staring intently at parts of the exhibit, which includes guitars, trumpets and numerous other artifacts of Black culture. We can also see a museum employee explaining an exhibit to them.

We don't have much more insight into the visit, but it's no surprise to see Yeezy turn up at the famed museum, which combines Black culture and artwork—the two things he seemingly loves more than anything.

Speaking of Black art, Joey Bada$$ recently claimed that 'Ye told him that he inspired "Real Friends," which is a cut from Yeezy's latest album, The Life of Pablo. He revealed as much while recounting the moment Kanye asked him if he'd heard the song when they met at the 2016 Coachella.

“I’m looking at this nigga like, ‘Yeah, I heard 'Real Friends.' Who the fuck ain’t heard 'Real Friends?' He was like, ‘You inspired me to make that song, B.’ I honestly couldn’t even believe he was saying that shit," Joey recalled. "The only thing I was thinking in my head was, ‘Nigga, why the fuck you ain’t put me on that shit? I could use the clout.’”

Joey went on to say he could barely believe it happened. “I never let this out of the bag because I didn’t really care to,” Joey offered. “But I’m gonna let it out of the bag because I’m a little wavy right now, and a drunk man tells no lies. Shout out to Kanye, man…real nigga. I still don’t believe it to this day.”

Check out video of Kanye appreciating African American artwork and other bits and pieces of culture in the posts below.

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