People really like Kanye West--occasionally peculiar behavior and all. Young Thug named a song after him. Lily Allen admitted that her album title, Sheezus, was inspired by Kanye's Yeezus. He drops albums late and interrupts pop godesses during their acceptance speeches, but none of that has stopped his legions of fans from continuing to show support. Rock group Cradle of Filth don't belong to any of those legions.

Recently the group posted a picture of Yeezy wearing a Cradle of Filth shirt, seemingly indicating that he's a fan. Cradle of Filth made a fairly emphatic point that the feeling wasn't mutual when they captioned the photo, "Kanye West. Cradle Of Filth fan.
Fortunately not a collaborator." Ouch.

While Crade of Filth didn't elaborate on why, exactly, they were fortunate not to work with The Life of Pablo artist, it isn't hard to think of potential reasons. The same things that make Yeezy so endearing to fans--the spontaneity, the impassioned rants, his perceived lack of respect for some of his contemporaries, his bucking against cultural conventions--make him detestable to many others. Some people say he's arrogant, and considering that he has called himself a god on several occasions, they might not be far off.

Still, Kanye probably doesn't care, and there's evidence of that going back to College Dropout and Late Registration. On the latter album's track, "Bring Me Down," Yeezy raps, "Everybody feel a way about K but at least y'all feel something," indicating that he'd rather be a polarizing figure than a neutral one.

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