This Valentine's Day, the childhood home of Kanye West is finally getting the love it deserves.

After being left to fall apart, Kanye's Donda's House organization is partnering with the Skyline Council of Landmarks Illinois to have the house heart bombed on Feb. 14. According to the press release, heart bombing is when the public shows love to historic sights and local landmarks by showering it with physical expressions of affection, such as paper hearts.

Skyline Council works to identify places that need support to restore them. The heart bombing event serves a reminder to the community that a property has value and is deserving of attention.

“We are thrilled to be working with Landmarks Illinois’ Skyline Council,” said Donnie Smith, Executive Director of Donda’s House. “Landmarks Illinois came out to the site recently to give us an assessment of the house, with recommendations for renovating and repairing the property. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the house is, overall, in pretty good shape.”

Purchased in 2016 by Rhymefest, the Chicago rapper bought the house with the intentions of turning into the permanent home of the Donda's House organization. Unfortunately, the plan didn't come to fruition and the home was found surrounded by garbage and broken glass in October.

"It will be the first of our Nationwide Lite-Houses," Rhymefest said at the time of purchase. "A state-of-the-art recording studio, a curriculum space for @dondashouse and Southside music museum. We want to show bright spots in communities that've been divested from, we know more Lights exist here, they just need to be activated."

The rapper still has big plans for the home and now wants to use it as an art center that will encourage young people of Chicago to pursue the arts.

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