If you have not already, you should pick up Julia Beverly's Pimp C biography Sweet Jones: Pimp C's Trill Life Story. A passage from the book about Kanye West censoring Pimp C is gaining some traction after it was posted on Reddit. The UGK member was supposed to be part of Kanye West's "Can't Tell Me Nothing" remix, but Pimp C ended up getting removed after he delivered a verse dissing Jeezy.

"I'm on this track like white on rice/Mr. Potato Head tryin' to make me Christ/I'm sorry, Atlanta; Georgia really is the South/But too many boys got them thangs in they mouth/I ain't talkin good grillz, mane/I'm talkin' bout that Angus beef with that big ol' vein/Gipp say they look like Sisqo/The Chocolate City is the new San Francisco/[...]This is for the busters and the suckers/And the fake drug dealers and the internet cluckers/Need to stop lying to the kids, for real/Ain't have no Benz until you signed your first record deal," Pimp C rapped.

Pimp C also created a reworked version of the song's chorus.

"Naaah naa na naaah/Bitch I been had my money right/I'm Rap-A-Lot in this mafia life/Excuse me, do you really wanna go to war?/Say something I'll leave your brains on your mini bar/I think they bluffin' and they frontin'/I'm Pimp C, you can't tell me nothing!" Pimp C rapped on the remix.

Before Pimp C's untimely passing, the legendary rapper/producer spoke to Julia Beverly about the situation.

"I done vowed I'm not gonna drop that shit, because Kanye told me that the song is a prayer," Pimp C said. "I'm finna go back and [re-do it] and treat it as such, and treat it with respect, like I'm talking to the Lord. I'm not gonna invite no man to suck my dick on no muthafuckin' song... when I'm supposed to be praying."

This tale is just one of the countless gems in the Pimp C biography. The book is a compelling read for UGK diehards and novices alike.

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