Days after the surfacing of reports that he and his wife had hired a private team of firefighters to protect their neighborhood from the California wildfires, Kanye West has put together an idea about how to protect neighborhoods from fire. He unloaded the idea onto Twitter account on Friday afternoon (Nov. 16).

"Building a fireproof community," Kanye wrote. He didn't elaborate on that idea, but there's really no reason to doubt the sincerity of that tweet. Plus, if he and Kim Kardashian-West did, indeed, hire a team of private firefighters to put out fires in their community, who knows what else they might be capable of.

In other news, Kanye and his Kids See Ghosts groupmate Kid Cudi found themselves on the wrong side of a stealing accusation when singer Lorde accused the two of ripping off her stage set design for their joint performance at the 2018 Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival. In a twist not a lot of people saw coming, Es Devlin, who is a stage designer who's worked with Yeezy and Lorde over the years, stepped forward to dismiss that idea.

"I did not design the recent Kids See Ghosts performance: I worked with Lorde on the design for her Coachella performance," Devlin wrote in one part of an Instagram post that seemed to address Lorde's accusation. "I admire both and see no imitation at work here: I think the more interesting point is that both artists, responding to our dis-jointed times, are being drawn to this gesture of the fragile floating room: the world un-moored from gravity: where the rules of civilization and identity as we have known them may soon no longer apply."

See Kanye's tweet about building a fireproof neighborhood for yourself below.

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