Kanye West went into his potentially endless vault of unreleased music this month in soundtracking his Yeezy Season 5 fashion show, playing a version of J. Holiday's "Bed" as sung by original songwriter The-Dream. A leaked version of Dream singing the tune has been online for a few years, but Kanye was playing a different, more customized recording that has now been posted to SoundCloud and is included below.

At 17-plus minutes, "Bed Yeezy Season 5" is something more than a reference track or demo, it's an alternate world, where the instrumental and Dream's vocals stretch on, almost infinitely.

Two years ago, Dream told Genius that he wrote and recorded “Bed” during a crazy session that resulted in many of the songs on his debut album Love Hate. “I didn’t want the songs to stop," he said. "I wanted one song to go into another song and into another song and another. And this all started because ‘Bed’ wasn’t just a song — it was a language, and I figured it out. In the same way that there wasn’t a song like ‘Shawty’s a Ten,’ there wasn’t a male version of these ‘Umbrella’ records, these synth-driven ones — in our culture, I mean. I just fused the two, and that’s where the Love Hate album came from.”

Listen to Dream's Yeezy Season 5 version of "Bed" below, as posted to SoundCloud by Kanye himself.

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