One Japanese knitted fabric supplier his hitting Kanye West with a sizable lawsuit after accusing the rapper-producer of failing to pay for a huge order of fleece to help make his Yeezy sneakers.

According to a report The Blast published Thursday (Jan. 24), the the fabric supplier, which goes by the name of Toki Sen-I Co., is suing Ye, his company Yeezy Apparel, LLC, for stiffing them with a whole bunch of fabric. They claim that Kanye placed a large order for fleece in order to use them to make his popular Yeezy sneakers in June 2018. The company usually asks for a down payment before they begin production, but since they have had a pleasurable business relationship with the rapper-producer since 2015, they didn't think nothing of it.

The company alleges that Kanye later came back and told them that he would not be paying for the fabric. But Toki Sen had already manufactured the fleece and they were owed $624,051 for the work. They offered Kanye numerous payment plans, but Yeezy allegedly still failed to pay.

They also claim that Kanye created a fake company, Yeezy Apparel, in an effort to deceive them and avoid paying the company the money they deserve. They believe Ye's company is just a “shell” with no real assets or interest to its name.The Blast tried to reached out to Kanye's attorney for a comment but to no avail.

This new lawsuit follows two separate legal actions Kanye had to deal in 2018. Both lawsuits centered on the rollout of his The Life of Pablo album on Tidal.

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