It's not quite Easter yet, but Yeezus may be resurrecting the idea of The Life of Pablo in CD form. While Kanye wrote on Twitter this past Monday (Mar. 7) that he was considering never making a CD again, calling the bare Yeezus packaging an open casket to the media format, a video courtesy of shows the rapper discussing when Pablo CDs will be out.

"I think we gonna come out with it in a couple weeks or so," Kanye says of the CDs in the above clip. "But we just really wanted to put all the energy towards Tidal. I really like it. I would tell ya’ll if I didn’t like it. It’s super easy. I think it’s just the future of the way we listen to music, if you want to get your music like that. Some people still want their music on CDs, people want it on Pirate Bay."

Now, it's worth noting that the video was uploaded to YouTube on March 7, the same day Kanye declared CDs done for. It's possible that the above prompting got him thinking about the antiquated medium leading to the tweets below. Or, similar to Kanye's declaration that his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner would never sign with Puma, it's a case of West bigging up his own brands, truthfulness be damned. Kylie of course went on to finalize her deal with Puma despite Kanye's assertion that "there will never be a Kylie Puma anything." Both scenarios seem equally possible, with the only real takeaway being that Kanye will ride til the end for the brands that support him.

Check the video up top against the tweets below and decide for yourself which version sounds more right.

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