Kamaiyah is a fan of kicking it old school, and illustrates that again in her new video for "Slide" hitting up a roller skating rink.

The video was released yesterday (March 13) which also happens to be the West Coast MC's birthday. Featured on her 2017 mixtape Before I Wake, the Evan Croker-directed video starts off with Kamaiyah and her crew pulling up to the roller skating rink in a classic Chevrolet El Camino. After some arguing with an employee about the correct pair of skates, Kamaiyah and the rest of her clique make their way to the rink to party.

Along with the "Slide" video, Kamaiyah also recently dropped visuals for another Before I Wake song, "Dope Bitch." The grimy visuals have a '90s vibe thanks to its VHS-like filter as Kamaiyah chills with her all-female crew. YG also makes a quick cameo in the music video.

During the 2017 XXL Freshman shoot, Kamaiyah discussed her place in rap and revealed her goals for success. "You’ve never seen a female rapper on this pedestal from the West Coast in a long fuckin’ time," she told us.

"So, I feel like this is all curating a generation of young women who want to be successful, who want to be motivated. It’s like, if I can do it you can do it…you know what I’m saying? I feel like I’m setting the tone and setting the movement," the "Seasons" rapper continued.

"That’s what I’m standing for. That’s why I don’t show my ass, I don’t do certain things. I want people to know you ain’t gotta do all that and you can still pop off. That’s what I’m doing. I’m doing my shit. [And] this means a lot for The Bay! I feel like an artist from my side of The Bay hasn’t got it. So for them to see this, it’s going to turn the city up. They goin’ be like, ‘Man, Kamaiyah got in? This shit lit!’"

Check out the "Slide" video and "Dope Bitch" visuals below.

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