Despite having just one mixtape to her name, Kamaiyah is already making waves. The Bay Area rapper's A Good Night in the Ghetto has turned some heads and made the rap world start paying attention to her.

The mixtape's final track is a particularly emotional one. "For My Dawg" sees her mourning the loss of two loved ones. One was Cocaine James, who passed in April from cancer. The other is Fred, who was murdered in Oakland last year. Kamaiyah looks to honor their memories once again with a music video for the record.

"For the most part, the video is just of James and Fred from the past," Kamaiyah told The FADER, who premiered the music video today (May 6). "It's us doing weird stuff and having fun. It’ll probably make you cry if you’re close to us because you’re gonna see them living and enjoying themselves."

For Kamaiyah, this is just the start to her journey as an artist. The Oakland rapper has aspirations to become the biggest female MC in the game.

"[My goal is] just to be the biggest female artist within the next few years," Kamaiyah told XXL. "What makes me different from other female MCs is my creativity, my style, my lyricism and most of all, my business ethic. I feel like that’s the part that a lot of people don’t have that. I go above and beyond to make sure my business side is just as good as the music because this is what solidifies you as an artist and makes you. Those business relationships, you gotta earn them."

Kamaiyah's come up might be inevitable. The MC already has a collaboration lined up with Drake that can bring her a whole new audience. A year from now, fans might recognize as an impact player in hip-hop.

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