Underground heads will be pleased to hear that Brownsville's own Ka just put out a new album, Honor Killed the Samurai, via Iron Works Records. The 10-track body of work, inspired by Japanese culture, contains crazy lyricism and no features.

Ka is known for his pinpoint flow and precise word choice. Honor Killed the Samurai marks the Brooklyn repper's fourth solo album. The 44-year-old put out The Night's Gambit in 2013, Grief's Pedigree in 2012 and Iron Works in 2008. He also released Days With Dr. Yen Lo, produced entirely by Preservation, last year.

On Ka's website, he explains his love for hip-hop as an art form. He writes, "I've been rhyming for over 20 years and appreciate any hip hop fan who respects lyrics. I already know my songs are not for everyone. They're not for the radio, the club or the masses. My music is for those who miss early '90s hip hop when pain and struggle were the dominant themes."

He continues, "From my days with Natural Elements, then Nightbreed, I've always tried to remain true to what I believe is the real spirit of hip hop. If you're going to rhyme, you should have something relevant and unique to say. I decided a long time ago that I would make music for the love of it. If you can make money from art, that's a beautiful thing. But money shouldn't be the reason you make art. You make art because you can't help it."

You can cop Honor Killed the Samurai now via iTunes for $9.90. If you'd prefer the album in CD or vinyl form, head over to the MC's website and make your purchase there. Also, peep Ka's new video for "Just," track two from the album, below via YouTube. Keep it locked to XXL for more Ka news and music.

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