When Rick Ross dropped "Devil Is A Lie" yesterday the internet went crazy reaping in an overwhelming amount of acclamation for the track. However in the past 24 hours, the track has been placed in another light now with the listed producer, KE On The Track being accused of stealing the beat.

Following the release of the record, rising producer Major Seven didn't hesitate to call out famed producer KE On The Track for robbing him of the beat behind Rozay's new Jay Z assisted track. Accusing the "Round Of Applause" producer of taking the beat after Seven decided against signing with KE's conglomerate Beat Mechanics, Seven went to Twitter to vent all of his frustrations, outright designating KE a thief.

The story gets even more confusing as KE On The Track also released a making of the beat video yesterday to further explain the song's the concept. The track is now available for purchase on iTunes and ironically neither of the two are listed in the composer tab.