Consistency is an invaluable trait to staying afloat in a rap game that is always looking ahead to the next song, mixtape, music video or album. For Atlanta rapper K Camp, consistency has been a necessity throughout his short, but productive career. Gaining traction after years of plying his talent in Atlanta's underground scene, K Camp would become a coveted prospect in the eyes of major label execs, with the rapper ultimately signing a record deal with Interscope Records in 2014.

From there, K Camp went on to release his debut EP, In Due Time, and would prove that his hype was more than real, with his single "Cut Her Off" peaking at No. 49 on the Billboard Hot 100, resulting in the overnight sensation becoming one to watch for. 2014 may have been a success for K Camp, but 2015 would be even more fruitful for the young rapper, with his inclusion in the 2015 XXL Freshman class, and the release of his debut album, Only Way Is Up, further boosting the rapper's name-recognition. Scoring another Hot 100 hit with "Comfortable," K Camp proved that he was no one-hit wonder and oen that fans could expect to make noise for the foreseeable future.

Keeping his name in the mix throughout 2016, with his sophomore EP, Lyric Ave, along with his 10th solo mixtape, RARE, K Camp has his sights set on higher heights in 2017. In March, he set the tone with the release of his K.I.S.S. 4 mixtape, which finds him displaying the charm and wit that has made his music resonate with female fans. Now K Camp, who is currently headlining his Rockstar Crazy Tour, is gearing up for the release of his sophomore album, slated to release later this year.

XXL hopped on the phone with K Camp to discuss his new music, the transition into becoming a businessman and CEO and the artist he's looking to collaborate with.

XXL: Your hometown team, the Atlanta Falcons losing the Super Bowl lead must've been a big blow for you and the city. Where were you when that all went down?

K Camp: Shit, I was at the crib with a couple of bad bitches, drinking and smoking. Niggas was pissed the fuck off when we lost, shit. We was supposed to take that shit home, but we’ll do better next year.

You're currently on the road for your Rockstar Crazy Tour. What's your favorite stop on the road been so far?

Shit, Erie, Penn. been the most lit so far.

What about that city stood out to you?

It was just hella energy in that muthafucka. We go where the energy at. If you got energy A-1, we gonna fuck with you.

What's your personal life like these days?

Single as a muthafucka with no kids. But I got hella kids, ya dig [laughs].

You ended 2016 with the release of your Lyric Ave EP. Were you satisfied with the reception that it got?

Yeah. Lyric Ave was a little EP to satisfy the fans 'cause I ain’t drop a project in probably like six or seven months before that, so Lyric Ave is one of them projects where I just had to give my fans something to hear about me. So I’m definitely satisfied with what it did. It did exactly what I wanted it to do.

2016 was a year of transition for you. You moved to L.A. and began recording there, as opposed to Atlanta. What were the biggest adjustments you had to make and the biggest lessons learned?

Shit, to be real, it wasn’t no adjustment, I just needed something new. I went to L.A. just to get out there and get a whole different vibe going. 'Cause I’m from the city, I’m from Atlanta so I’m always there, so I just stepped out of my comfort zone to catch a new vibe. That’s all that was.

What made you choose L.A. and not another city?

It was between Miami and L.A. I might do Miami next. I might record a whole project in Miami to see what the fuck the vibe is on.

What was the lifestyle like for you out in L.A.?

Well, the lifestyle shit, we was lit the fuck up over there on Lyric Ave., we got kicked out of Lyric Ave., we threw too many parties, we had it turnt almost every night, we created a whole vibe. The whole Lyric Ave project was based on that house that we stayed in. The street name was Lyric Ave. and we just ran with that shit.

You've dropped two projects since releasing Lyric Ave. What was the inspiration behind those projects?

We dropped RARE probably like three, four months ago, after I dropped Lyric Ave. We dropped that RARE to get back in the clubs in Atlanta—that’s my move from L.A. to come back to the city. So we had to drop them shits to get the city back moving, so we dropped that RARE project full of club shit, and after I dropped that RARE project, we came with that K.I.S.S. 4 and fucked the internet up.

What would you say is your favorite feature or song on K.I.S.S. 4?

I’d say the into, “All I Needed.” I only had one feature on K.I.S.S. 4, that was my homegirl Asia Bryant. That was all me.

What made you decide to lay off the features on your K.I.S.S. 4 mixtape?

Shit, the fans gotta hear me, man. I was supposed to get my homeboys on there, but everybody schedule don’t be hitting the same. If you can’t get a feature back in time, you gotta handle that shit yourself.

Who are some of the artists you've been in the studio as of late?

Shit, you name 'em, bro. Everybody in the game I done probably been in the studio with except Hov and Drake, but we been working. We just trying to create good vibes, trying to get them No. 1's going, trying keep them hits coming. We gonna keep dropping. I got my producer Bobby Kritical, my artists, they got the streets of Atlanta heating up right now, fucking up the streets of Atlanta.

We just out here working, dog, we campaigning that big hit. We fucked the summer up '14 and '15, and we bout to fuck it up again. We had to regroup and reconstruct the whole god damn campaign, the whole business side of it. Now we back up and running. They know about K Camp. I do this shit, it ain’t nothing new.

What's something about you that most people don't know that would give them more insight into who you are outside of the music?

I done bossed up. I’m still an artist at the end of the day, but I done took my shit to another level, you know what I’m saying? I done seen big picture and I know what the fuck it takes to take this shit up by 20-30 more notches. I can speak on that, though. I done really got my business in order and now I’m on some boss shit nowadays.

The last time you spoke with XXL, you mentioned you were working on your sophomore album. How far along are you in the process?

Shit, I got over 200-300 songs in my iTunes, bro. I got 200-300 songs, I could put an album out right now if I wanted to. It just gotta be the perfect time for that. You can’t just drop an album unnecessarily. You gotta build the hype up and you gotta drop it the right way, so when it’s time to drop that shit, the world gonna know.

What are some of the themes and topics that you're looking to touch on with this album?

We gonna get at where we're at at this point in my life. In my music, I give my current events, so with this album, I just plan on giving 'em current events of what I got going on.

What would you say your day-to-day is like at this point in your career?

Shit, I’m living great. I can’t complain. Ain’t nothing switched up, the money coming in. Like I said, I done switched my vision up. I got my producer signed, I got a whole label I’m backing, I got a whole lot of shit I got on my shoulders. And the situation I had with my last management and everything I got going on, a lot of family situations, everybody go through the process. I just put mine through lyrics and make ‘em understand what’s going on.

Your sophomore album is said to be kind of a return to your roots and is in the same vein as your In Due Time EP and your come up.

They want that real back. That’s how I came in the game, I came on that real shit and I gotta give ‘em what they want. It’s time to give the fans what they want, but at the same time express myself as creatively as I can, you feel me?

Is there any timetable as to when we can expect the album?

Nah, we ain’t got no date on the album yet, just know we gonna drop another project before we give you the album. We gonna flood the streets up first before we go on the mainstream side 'cause we got a lot of work to do. We got a lot of catching up to do, so we gonna fuck the streets up first.

Are there any features on this upcoming mixtape or is it just you going in by yourself again?

All that’s in the works. Everything's a process when it comes to that album. I got all my records, I just gotta reach out and get the people and put everything together.

Are there any artists that you're checking for or looking to work with in the near future?

Y’all tell that nigga Drake to hop on one of these muthafuckin' records. Y’all tag his ass up and tell Drake let's work. I already got one with Wayne, now it’s time for Drake to hop on one of these mufuckas.

Is there anything else outside of your upcoming music that the people can look out for?

I want the world to look out for Rare Sound, that’s my label. Rare Sound the clique. Like I said, we got Bobby Kritical, Quinton & Tim (Music Majors), True Story Gee, DJ Genius. We out here about to flood the market just stay tuned to what the fuck we got coming in.

What's the difference now that you're balancing being an artist and a businessman and the leader of a movement?

Shit, it’s a lot more pressure, but shit, pressure makes diamonds, you feel me?

Is there a timetable for when fans can expect your next mixtape?

Right when I get off tour. I’m on the Rockstar Crazy Tour right now. Soon as I get off tour, you’re gonna get another project. We been killing shit, every city we been piping it up.

Are there any opportunities outside of music that you're looking to pursue?

Yeah, we got a lot of shit in the works, but we keep that under wraps until it’s finalized, you know what I’m saying? We ain’t gonna let the cat out the bag, but a lot of big shit in the works.

As far as 2017, what would you say are your biggest goals?

Take over the game, man. Forbes list, and help everybody on my team.

Are there any personal goals outside of music that you're looking to do?

Personally, run up 100 mil, keep God first and keep my family straight.

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