Legendary producer Just Blaze had an interesting conversation with some of his fans during a recent Reddit AMA and spoke on things like his favorite Kanye West album, who the greatest producer of all time is, and more.

When someone asked what his favorite Kanye album LP, Just said it's Graduation. When he was later asked who the greatest producer of all time is, he answered, "Pharrell is the greatest ever."

Just also addressed why he uses the phrase "no more hand claps" in certain songs like T.I.'s "I'm Talkin to You" and The Game's "Church for Thugs," and apparently it was an accident in the studio. "I had a crowd cheering in the background of the song and I meant to say 'no more applause.' It was funny so I kept it. I wasn't telling people to stop using claps in their songs.”

In addition, Just remembers recording "Compton" with Kendrick Lamar and claims that was the first session where K. Dot did anything with Dr. Dre and Aftermath. Plus, he went into some detail about the original line of work he was interested in.

“I was going to be a computer programmer,” Just said. “I was great at it. Wrote my first video game at 8 years old. Then I got to college and realized I would have to make it all the way to calculus 3 and I sucked at math. Music was always my natural inclination but the idea of making it in the business seemed very farfetched to me as a kid.. kinda still does. But i've been doing ok so far i guess!”

More interesting tidbits from the AMA include Just teasing potential beat battles between The Neptunes and Timbaland and Havoc and Alchemist, and naming “Voyager” by Daft Punk as one of his favorite beats he didn't make.

Oh, and as for Jay Electronica's mythical Act II album? Just describes it as "ethereal."

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