Juicy J really wants to collaborate with Eminem. The Memphis native was asked if he ever had a chance to work with Slim Shady during an appearance on DJ Whoo Kid's The Whoolywood Shuffle. Juicy said it has never happened, but he hopes to change that.

"I wanna do a record with Eminem," Juicy J said about five minutes into the interview. "That would be a dream come true. Eminem is that legend. He's the man."

Juicy J has obviously thought about this collaboration because he already had some ideas in mind. The "Bandz a Make Her Dance" rapper told DJ Whoo Kid he wanted to create a throwback sound on the production for this dream collab.

"Eminem and Juicy do a record together, I think that would be some hot shit," Juicy J said. "Cause I would like to go in and produce the beat. Like an old Three 6 Mafia style beat and we just do some shit over something like that, some '90s shit. I think that would be classic."

The acclaimed producer also spoke about the possibilities of Three 6 Mafia reunion. Juicy J said a reunion was unlikely because it would not feel right without the late Lord Infamous and Koopsta Knicca. Instead, Juicy J wants to make a biopic about the group.

"On some real shit, I feel like it wouldn't be the same without [Lord Infamous and Koopsta Knicca]," Juicy J said around the 10:30 mark. "If I'ma bring back the group, when they passed away, it just... It's kind of difficult. But I wanna do a Three 6 Mafia biopic. I feel like all the music today sounds like Three 6 Mafia. I want people to see not just Three 6 Mafia. We had Project Pat, we had Lil Wyte, we had La Chat, we had T-Rock, we had Indo G. We had so many artists that contributed to Hypnotize Minds. It was like a movement."

Listen to the rest of the interview for Juicy J's thoughts on criticism of new hip-hop, helping out the next generation and much more. And don't forget to check out Juicy J's #MustBeNice mixtape which dropped earlier this week.

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