Juicy J, 21 Savage and Young Dolph serve up Southern hospitality on the new track "Lit" hosted by DJ Scream. Each rapper adds a little something to the bouncing beat by Durdy Costello, perfect for pregames or warm up routines at the strip club. First up is Sav, who approaches the beat with his signature laid back, almost-whispering flow. Sav's strengths definitely lie in his adlibs, which is good enough reason to put him on the song's hook.

"Lit like a wick/Your bitch wanna lick 'cuz she see how I drip/Drip, drip, drip like Aquafina/Slaughter gang we don't leave a witness/Abusin' drugs nigga like I'm Whitney."

Next up is Juicy J, who picks up the tempo in an apparent freestyle and keeps the emphasis on his uncompromisingly lavish lifestyle. It's no wonder the Tennessee veteran has the best verse on the track. This was clearly child's play for J, who is prepping for his newest project, The Rude Awakening, with Wiz Khalifa and TM88.

"I'm lit in this hoe/I pick and I roll/I do what I want/How could I stop when I'm on the go?/Heard you be getting that shit off the boat/Well nigga, we goin' need a load/Heard you be having that shit for the low?/Well nigga we goin' need some-more/We breaking bread like it's toast/Sip out the bottle no toast/Bet that bitch goin' do the most/just to hop in the lamb or the ghost/When you poppin you poppin/No wonder you shoppin'/You hop out and cop it and go"

Last but not least, Dolph finishes things off with a simple snapshot of how his lituations go down: "Roll me some weed, fuck with some bitches/Tomorrow same shit, different city."

The trio all hail from different parts of the South, Savage from Atlanta and Juicy and Dolph hold it down for Memphis, but each has a unique enough flow to stand alone. Who you think has the best verse?

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