ILoveMakonnen checked in with XXL earlier this week to offer an update on a couple of his soon-to-be-released Lil Peep collaborations. During the chat, the 29-year-old artist also spoke on a recent studio visit he had with Juice Wrld. Described as “inspiring and quite intimidating,” the experience left Makonnen singing the “Lucid Dreams” artist’s praises, especially when it comes to Juice's upcoming sophomore album.

“I definitely think that he is leading the proper way in music and in expression for the kids his age and beyond,” Makonnen tells XXL.

The "Tuesday" rapper received a preview of Juice’s highly anticipated sophomore album during their studio session after the two multifaceted artists connected on Instagram. Just a few days prior to his talk with XXL, Mak tweeted about what he was witnessing during that session. "Juice wrld is so talented I can’t even believe this right now," he wrote. The forthcoming Juice Wrld project, which Makonnen calls “unbelievable,” helped make him a believer of 20-year-old Juice's skills. “He played me his album and I’m a fan,” Mak admits.

While observing the “Armed and Dangerous” artist’s creative process, Makonnen also liked what he saw. He was most impressed by Juice’s effortless freestyle skills. “It was like conversation,” Mak shares. “He can freestyle conversation type of shit. Like, he’ll freestyle and tell you information and talk to you. It’s not just like, bars.”

As a result of Makonnen's artistic style and collection of new music he’s released over the years, Mak, who started his 2019 off by not only paying homage to his good friend Lil Peep but by also stunting with Gucci Mane on his new single “Spendin,” has become a cult-favorite among his peers and those coming up in the game. Prior to their “inspiring” studio session, the “Wasted” rapper and the "I Don't Sell Molly No More" rapper hadn’t met. They did however, share a mutual respect for each other’s artistry.

“[Juice Wrld has] always been very vocal about my influence and inspiration to his music,” says Makonnen, who admits to being a fan of his young creative counterpart. “When I met him he was just bigging me up and telling me how much I my music meant to him and what I mean to him as an artist.”

Watch iLoveMakonnen talk more about his studio session with Juice Wrld in the video above.

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