Juice Wrld is in bloom (word to Nirvana) on the cover of XXL magazine's Fall 2019 issue. The new cover, a work of art shot by photographer Ahmed Klink at Los Angeles’ Milk Studios in August, showcases the 20-year-old Chicago rapper in portrait mode, but behind the scenes, there was plenty of action.

Team work truly makes the dream work for a cover shoot. Ahmed photographed the Death Race for Love creator for a total of seven portraits that made it into the magazine while light designer Ousman Diallo added some magic to the images. Stylist Michael Comrie, along with co-stylist Adam Morales, brought roughly $100,000 worth of clothing for Juice Wrld to peruse.

For the hero look of the day, which ultimately became the ’fit Juice wore for his XXL cover, stylist Michael Comrie chose a studded, black-and-blue, punk vintage leather jacket. The cost? Around $2,000 at Descontrol in Los Angeles. Juice also wore his own Chanel pearls and his $250,000 Audemars Piguet watch. "That was just a reward for at the moment accomplishing all the things I was accomplishing," Juice Wrld tells XXL. "It's like motivation too though just like, aight you was able to pay for this, you remember when you couldn't... even get no pair of Jordans. I feel like any jewelry that I have mean something in a way."

To get in the zone, Juice played unreleased music that will likely appear on his forthcoming third studio album. He also rocked out to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and Escape The Fate's Dying Is Your Latest Fashion, an album from one of his favorite bands. The orange and blue-striped Marni mohair cardigan Juice also wore during the shoot was a fitting look since the 1990's grunge rock vibe was booming through the speakers in the room.

During downtime between the various looks, Juice snacked on chicken fingers from Chick-fil-A, smoked a few blunts, joked around with his cousin Sean and friends Chris, Ty and Joe from Chicago, and did his best retelling of the poop scene with actors Anna Faris and Chris Pratt from the 2013 film Movie 43. Juice Wrld's storytelling chops aren’t just reserved for the lyrics in his songs.

Go behind the scenes for Juice Wrld's XXL magazine Fall 2019 cover shoot below. And read his full-length interview with XXL for the Fall 2019 cover of the magazine, in which he discusses his upcoming third studio album, quitting lean and his mission to change the world.

Ahmed Klink for XXL
Ahmed Klink for XXL

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