Southern California rapper and producer Jonwayne drops his first single "Out of Sight," off his upcoming second full-length, Rap Album Two. The LP is out everywhere Feb. 17 and available for pre-order now via Authors Recording Co / The Order Label.

On "Out of Sight," Jonwayne raps about his sobriety. "My momma told me I was never in the here and now/my head in the past, my feet at the future," he spits as he begins the song.

Rap Album Two is an introspective look at the past few years of Jonwayne's life. The rapper battled alcoholism and wrote about it last month in a powerful open letter.

“I had been using alcohol as a coping mechanism to keep at bay, among other things, my dramatic fear of flying,” Jonwayne says. “As I landed in LA I knew some changes needed to be made. It’s clear to me now that I would have left this planet at a brisk pace, had I not cancelled my remaining shows that summer. Dangerously overweight, drunk every night, anxiety ridden, I was a black plague of a vessel and my brain was a descending spiral staircase of morbid tendencies.”

Check out a tracklist for the project below and listen to "Out of Sight" above.

Jonwayne's Rap Album Two Tracklist

1. "TED Talk"
2. "LIVE From The Fuck You"
3. "Human Condition"
4. "Out Of Sight"
5. "The Single"
6. "Paper" (feat. Shango)
7. "City Lights"
8. "Rainbow" (feat. Danny Watts)
9. "Afraid Of Us" (feat. Zeroh)
10. "Blue Green" (feat. Low Leaf)
11. "Hills" (feat. Zeroh)
12. "These Words Are Everything"

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