Who knew Johnny Depp was a hip-hop fan? The award-winning actor recently sat down for an interview with charity network Chideo covering the upcoming 2016 Grammy Awards, and he revealed that he is really digging the new music coming out of the Run The Jewels camp.

“The beauty of what they do is that it is — I mean, it’s brilliant musically, it’s brilliant sonically,” the Pirates of the Caribbean actor explained, “but the lyrics have a way of touching kids and making people think. Making people think about the day-to-day, and making people think about, ‘Hey, it’s just as easy to do something good as it is to do something bad.'”

Depp went on to say he applauds the group's message. “It’s time really now in the world, really now, because it’s getting more and more unpleasant out there, it’s important now to pay attention to the generations coming up and to salute them and teach them the best that we can," he said. "Run the Jewels is probably the best stuff I’ve listened to as of late. And there’s a message, which is good.”

Good news for JD. Killer Mike and El-P are currently working on their third Run The Jewels LP, recently posting a picture from a studio session along wit the caption #RTJ3. The group is finding a considerate amount of success first combining forces on their debut in 2013, followed by their sophomore LP which dropped in December 2014.

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