Twenty-year-old, San Diego, Calif.-bred rapper Joey Trap is on the rise. His climb up the ladder to achieve hip-hop success is a topic he touches on in the latest edition of XXL's What I Do series.

Staring intently into the camera, Joey, who made waves with tracks like "Nemo" last year, lets loose bars about his potential and his current status in the rap game. "Gotta get pass these niggas who mad as fuck 'cause I'm successful/'Cause where I'm at is up but still ain't even reached potential/I'm reaching heights you can't get ’less you sky dive out a plane that can fly high," Trap spits in his a cappella verse.

These bars are just the sort that fans have come to expect from Trap, who's signed to Asylum Records. Since the age of 16, he's been sharing music online, and he's steadily built up a strong foundation in the process. He really hit his stride when he dropped off his two mixtapes Trapped in TV and Akachi Trap in 2018. Now, he's looking ahead to doing even bigger things.

"I just wanna influence people," Trap tells XXL. "I just wanna impact people's lives and show the world that you can do whatever your dream is and you can follow your dreams and be successful."

Watch Joey Trap's edition of What I Do for yourself up top.

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