The Pro Era boys stopped by Hot 97's Real Late with Peter Rosenberg recently and went on a 20 minute run of spitting truly off the top freestyles. Whereas some rappers visit radio stations and spit canned verses or unreleased rhymes, Joey Bada$$, Nyck Caution and Kirk Knight all came up with rhymes on the spot, evidenced by the momentum they occasionally pick up and lose throughout the above clip.

In the midst of going in over beats like 2 Chainz' "Watch Out" and Kendrick Lamar's "Alright," Joey said of the decision to keep the freestyling pure, "We got plenty of verses. You can buy the album, you get the tracks, you get the music to hear those. We like to go off the mood, off the vibe."

The best bit of rapping comes from Nyck Caution, who just recently dropped his Disguise the Limit mixtape. Midway through the freestyle session, Nyck raps, "I’ve been waiting, contemplating, how do get my name in all your conversation bout what’s popping lately / I smoke a nathan, drop the hottest statement / Boxing like I’m Tyson, when I’m rocking stages, leave you rocked for hating  / I’m at a point where yo I swear I’m the nicest / I would sell you like a verse but y’all be scared of the prices / Plus I only got this family plan / I swear to keep it stable but that’s only if my sanity can / I used to starve on the weekdays / Now I’m checkin' for the carbs on the cheesesteak / They want a story 'bout my life, you know I gotta charge for the screenplay / Just hope it doesn’t flop hard for the team’s sake."

While there is mention of Joey's new single "Ready," there aren't any added jabs toward Troy Ave, rapped or otherwise. The track ignited a beef between the two New York rappers, with Troy responding yesterday with a song that disses deceased Pro Era member Capital Steez. Catch the freestyle above where Rosenberg plays instrumentals off YouTube and the three Pro Era rappers challenge each other by spouting out words to freestyle about.

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