Joe Budden has been getting a lot of press lately, mostly due to reasons related to his highly publicized (one-sided) beef with Drake. But it appears the New Jersey rapper is sick and tide of only talking about the 6 God in interviews when he has an album to promote. During a recent sit-down on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning, the New Jersey MC walked out after the line of questioning stemmed around drama and not his music.

Things started off swell with Joe laying out his issue with Aubrey. But after a while things started to get stale to the Slaughterhouse MC who began to get defensive. "Next time I come here for an interview send my manager the talk points," said Budden around 37 minutes into the talk, clearly a little agitated. "I didn't know that this would be an utter complete waste of time. We talked about Drake for 5-10 minutes then we talked about the album for 30 seconds."

After some chiding from Ebro, Joe was done, calmly thanking everyone for their time and getting up and leaving. "What should we have covered?" Ebro asked as he was leaving. "I don't know, that's y'all job to figure out. I don't do a morning show. I do a podcast," Budden responded.

Joe is working on the forthcoming project Rage and the Machine, the followup to his 2015 project All Love Lost. But clearly after sending four diss tracks at the hottest rapper in the game, that is taking center stage in the media at this point.

Check out the entire interview, above.

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