A recent flight to Austin, Texas almost ended up with Jim Jones being kicked off the plane after The Diplomats rapper claims he was racially profiled and argued with a captain.

In footage captured from Instagram Live on Sunday (July 8), Jones can be seen standing outside the plane as he asks a JetBlue employee if he can speak with a supervisor. The rapper is eventually greeted by the flight's captain, who he asks what he did wrong.

While it's unclear why Jones was threatened with being kicked off the flight, the rapper says he was flying to Austin for a Dipset show on July 6 and says he complied with everything the flight attendant asked him to do. "I'm sitting there and the lady asks me to take out the pamphlet. I took out the pamphlet," Capo can be heard saying.

The Dipset rapper continues to defend himself, saying he followed all of the instructions the flight attendant gave him and even revealed he frequently uses JetBlue. After some back-and-forth with the captain, the pilot eventually offers Jones a seat switch, which Capo accepts.

Jim Jones' latest incident follows his recent arrest on gun and drug charges. On June 20, the rapper was arrested for drug and firearm-related charges after a brief police chase in Coweta County, Ga.

According to a police report provided to XXL, a traffic stop was conducted on a Mercedes SUV after the vehicle was spotted making multiple dangerous lane changes. The car briefly accelerated away from two officers, crashing into a police vehicle before the driver and three passengers, including Jones, got out the car.

XXL has reached out to JetBlue for a statement.

Check out footage of the incident below.

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