It looks like Jim Jones recently had a horrible experience at LA Fitness, as the Dipset rapper claims they profiled him during an incident at their front desk.

In an Instagram video Jones shared on Monday (Feb. 5), he asked one of the employees if he could charge his phone on their computer while he was using the gym facilities. When they denied his request, he claims that he was falsely accused of giving one of the employees the middle finger after talking to a manager.

While filming himself, the New York native confronts one of the employees directly in the video on Instagram, where he says that the female employee "lied on me" about his use of the middle finger. The two employees at the desk are heard asking Jones to leave multiple times.

"So I'm in LA Fitness, and I tried to get a charger," Jim explains. "They trying to kick me out and terminate me. The lady lied on me, she said that I gave her the middle finger."

He also claims that he is being profiled in the video, and even asks why they want to terminate his membership. In the caption, Jones details the story in full, and tags the official Instagram page for the gym.

"@lafitness sombody please teach ur employees at flower st gym in LA how to talk and treat there customers I been a member for 4years and have never been treated like this it's is usually a very good experience well today was th worst I feel I have been profiled and lied on smh all cause I asked to plug my charger up to th side of one of there computers and she told me very nasty tht she not letting me uses th computer to charge my phone and tht."

The rapper believes that he was treated poorly by the employees, and says that they should have been more helpful, even if they couldn't fulfill his request to charge his phone.

Hopefully the Vampire Life 3 entertainer can work things out with the gym so he can get back to working out without issues.

Watch Jim Jones confront LA Fitness employees in the video below.

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