Jim Jones is confident he can out lift 50 Cent. The Harlem rapper called out 50 after the G-Unit leader allegedly claimed Jones could not see him in the gym. The Dipset member decided to fire back at 50 by showing off his weightlifting prowess in an Instagram video

"Looking for @50cent my man @eddie_bauer_pusher said u said 3weeks I know u got Th best trainers in Th universe I heard well Th trainer can get this work too @mikerashid," Jones wrote in the video's caption.

The challenge seemed to be a friendly one, but 50 Cent is close to Cam'ron which makes this a bit more complicated. Cam and 50 recently squashed their longstanding beef. On the other hand, Jim Jones and Killa Cam's issues resurfaced earlier this year with much of the tension being displayed on social media.

Since then, Jim Jones has been antagonizing Cam'ron and 50 Cent with some posts and comments. Quickly after Cam'ron put up a photo of himself and 50 on Instagram, Jones followed up with his own post which featured him lifting weights.

"I just b watchin th gram laughin at these nighas im a stay on my grind lol stay ready so u ain't got to get ready," Jones wrote in the video's caption.

Jim Jones also responded directly to a 50 Cent post of Cam'ron and the G-Unit leader laughing in a photo. "Lol lol life is funny aint it he still a bird," Jones said in the comments of 50's Instagram.

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