Ugh. Don't you just hate it when people make acronyms for no damn reason?

“I did it for hip-hop... It’s as big as [Barack] Obama’s being the first black president. This is part of our history in the urban community; Biggie was our first Obama.”Jim Jones,

Every time Jim Jones takes a step forward and earns an iota of my respect, he does something completely moronic that sets him 100 meters backward. He is the true and living personification of how our public school system has failed America's children. Unless that new position at Koch Records somehow made Jonesey a Puffy employee, I can’t understand what kind of dust blunt a statement like the one above could have come from.

I hope he means that Biggie is our Obama as per his proposed "n"-word replacement. In that sense, Biggie is totally my Obama, as is the Obama I might cop a sack of lettuce from on a slow Saturday afternoon. However, Dirt Angel’s use of the adjective “first” strikes any benefit of doubt my kind, compassionate heart may otherwise be inclined to give.

Despite welling white hot with disdain since the middle of last week, I reserved my final judgment until I fully ingested Barack-the-vote’s inauguration and subsequent address. Listening to President Obama inspire a nation of millions to strive for progress in every possible form lit a fire under me in a way no lyric from Ready to Die or Life After Death ever have.

--Not even "Everyday Struggle" or the first verse of “Notorious Thugs.” That’s “straight up weed NO angel dust,” Jimmy! NO FUCKING ANGEL DUST!

[Blogger’s Note: Holy fucking shit! We can say “President Obama” now!]

I turned to Biggie for entertainment, not guidance. Though, "Ten Crack Commandments" did give useful perspective for my summer job in 1997 as I didn’t quite understand the concept of money and blood not mixing “like two dicks and no bitch,” so to speak.

I nearly found myself in some serious shit. Luckily Ricky is okay.

With all due respect to the late, great Notorious, he wasn’t our first anything. He wasn’t the first black rapper. He wasn’t the first fat rapper. He wasn’t the first flashy rapper… I could go on and on. Surely a negro getting it out of the hood, making dope music and getting paid is an inspiration on some level, but it’s not comparable to what we’d witnessed November 4th, nor is it comparable to what we’ve observed today. I can’t stand when niggas make comparisons for comparison’s sake.

On second thought, Maybe Jones isn’t 150% wrong, just 120%. For a misguided youth from our neck of the woods [Harlem, NY] who doesn’t know anything about the world that actually governs him, Biggie could be Obama. Puffy could be Mandela. Tupac could be Jesus… so forth and so on.

Unfortunately this combination of delusion and disillusionment compose the millstone around the neck of this generation’s lost boys (and girls). If Biggie’s your Obama, your ceiling is pretty fucking low and I truly feel for you. All jokes aside.

Negro, please. Jim Jones making (and believing) asinine comments like these is the reason all the kids know how to work the most advanced nigger technology, yet are still dumb as shit. Niggas like Jones need a seat and a shower, not greater pedestals from which to influence.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Doing anything special for Blent?

"Will you ignorant niggas please shut the hell up?!" -My nigga MLK

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