Jidenna may have just dropped the most interesting song you'll hear in the next 12 months. Referencing the heart-wrenching Disney film with its title, "Bambi" sees the "Classic Man" performer croon over a dreamy instrumental as he reflects on the way his player lifestyle makes his settling down with his "Bambi" impossible.

On the track, Jidenna flaunts some impressive Harry Belafonte-esque vocals as he sings about the complications that keep him from his love. "If I weren't in this spider-web of mine/If grandfather never had seven wives/Then darling you would be love of my life," he sings in the first verse of the song.

Jidenna is almost invariably described as a rapper, but "Bambi" shows he's got the sort of versatility to thrive in other genres. In a 2015 interview with XXL, the Epic Records artist explained that he wanted to create his own genre.

“I want to create a whole different genre. The genre that I’m working on is called Swank,” he said at the time. “My biggest goal in hip-hop is to be the swankest man in hip-hop history and the swankest man alive. I already have the swankest DJ you’ve ever seen, Nana Kwabena Tuffour, who is also my co-producer. People compare me, though, and say, 'This is the millennial version of André 3000.' Those are big shoes to fill and that’s an admirable position, but my goal is to redefine and create a new genre."

See if Jidenna can accomplish his mission to create his own category of music when his debut album, The Chief,drops on Feb. 17. Check out "Bambi" below.

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