It's safe to say Jermaine Dupri has hit legend status with his veteran stats in the hip-hop game, and now he's able to pass down his knowledge and teachings to the youth. The So So Def founder currently stars in The Rap Game on Lifetime, which sees him discovering young, fresh talent seeking a shot at the big leagues in the music industry. This week, Dupri sat down with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club with two of the contenders, Deetranada and J.I., where they discussed a slew of topics.

While sitting down with the hosts, JD and his two artists, who he found on Instagram, spoke about their plans to hit the road for a tour. The super producer says he plans on doing a live rap battle on stage with all nine contestants from The Rap Game while on the road, which should be pretty interesting if you keep up with the show. The hosts and JD then discussed his thoughts on rap battles, and whether there should be any filtering of certain topics when it comes to throwing jabs at a rival artist. "Well, [these two] just had a battle. He's from Brooklyn. He's really disrespectful. As long as you talk about it beforehand... I think it's just entertaining. I think it's like wrestling to me," he explains.

Later on in the interview (around 12:50), JD speaks on the Xscape reunion and their plans to do a reunion tour and potential television show together. While DJ Envy and Angela Yee feel that there should be a So So Def documentary on all of the label's artists, JD spoke on Xscape specifically, stating, "Yeah, they definitely need to do it. If it happens it happens. I feel like the artists do have to do it at some particular point on their own. So I think Xscape should definitely do one." When asked if he is going to be part of their reunion in any way, the mogul answered, "Nah, not right now."

23 minutes into the conversation, Envy has each MC stop to spit some bars of their own to show off their skills for listeners. Following their freestyles, Dupri speaks on the recent producer battle between Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze, where the two went head-to-head on Instagram Live with their own discographies. "I'm waiting for somebody to call my name," he boldly states. While Envy suggests that he should battle either Timbaland or Dr. Dre, JD interjects, "Dr. Dre shouldn't even be in the battle. That's not even fair. He has the best rappers in the rap game, period. Just to say I got a Tupac record, a 50 Cent record, an Eminem record, a Snoop Dogg record, you already lost."

The rap executive also speaks on putting Timbaland on The Pop Game, which comes on right after The Rap Game, and how they're making progress with their shows. Watch the full interview with Jermaine, Deetranada, and J.I. below for the full scoop, plus watch Deetranada's crazy freestyle on its own after that.

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