Jeremih was arrested back in July for driving under the influence following a birthday celebration, but news today gets the singer off the hook. TMZ reports that Jeremih has reached a plea deal for the case in which he has pled no contest to one count of reckless driving resulting in the DUI charge being dropped. In addition, Jeremih will be required to complete an alcohol and drug education course as well as serve two years probation.

The news surely comes as a relief to the singer who has made a small comeback of sorts in recent weeks, dropping two singles and a video. Jeremih has gained some traction with singles in the past but has never been able to get an album off the ground, perhaps due to his at times reckless behavior. Prior to the DUI, Jeremih had been arrested for sneaking onto a plane and had made headlines for trashing a restaurant. Here's to hoping that with this plea deal, Jeremih can turn things around and focus solely on his musical output.