It looks like fans will find out exactly what this Jay Z/Tidal/4:44 business is all about soon enough. A new version of the mysterious ad that had the internet going nuts is popping up, and it contains a release date: 6.30.17.

As previously reported, the ads first started popping up a couple weeks ago all over New York City. After some sleuthing, people found out that the posters were connected to Hov and paid for by Tidal, leading fans to think new Jigga material would be dropping soon. There were other hints as well. “Saw a casting for a Jay-Z video here in LA. So you know what that mean,” a woman noted on Twitter.

A short time later, Tidal teased what appears to be an upcoming film featuring Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali. At the end of the clip, the credits list 4:44 as a project featuring Ali, Danny Glover and actress Lupita Nyong’o. So the new music theory seemed to be out of the equation.

But on Friday (June 16), the new ads, containing the assumed release date, started popping up in West Hollywood, Calif, according to Hip-Hop DX. Adding even more intrigue, the new ones have "Jay Z" stamped all over them as well, bringing the mogul back into the fold. The only other clues are the words, “Exclusively on”

So are we getting a new Hov project, or nah? Jay has clearly been working on new music. Maybe the teased film will be accompanied by a soundtrack from the Tidal head honcho. We'll all find out on June 30.

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