When Kanye West dropped Graduation in 2007, it only featured two rappers – Lil Wayne and Mos Def. That second feature was a bit forgettable, but Weezy was featured on "Barry Bonds," one of the harder beats on that LP. You know who else was supposed to spit on that beat, though? Jay Z.

DJ Booth claims Kanye said as much in an interview prior to him performing that entire album at the Chicago House of Blues. The conversation took place weeks before Graduation was released, but since the album leaked early, the whole world had heard "Barry Bonds," complete with that Weezy verse.

"Well, actually, it was supposed to be me, Weezy and Jay," said Yeezy. "Jay didn’t have the time to get his verse in [before the album was wrapped]."

It's easy to imagine Hov on a hard ass beat like that one, which featured co-production from boom bap extraordinaire Nottz. Less then a year later, Hov would jump on Wayne's "Mr. Carter" for Tha Carter III, but had this record come first, fans would've gone insane.

The collab would've also made a lot of since since "Big Brother," Kanye's ode to Hov, rounded out the album. Too bad we'll never hear what Jay was cooking up for "Barry Bonds."

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