If JAY-Z keeps this pace up, he will have dropped a new video for every song off his new 4:44 album by the end of the summer. After dropping the videos for "The Story of O.J." and the album's title song, Hov comes through with another visual for the Damian Marley-assisted track, "Bam."

Hov travels to Kingston, Jamaica to hang with Marley and get a tour of the section of the island. The Brooklyn rapper takes in the beautiful sights of his tropical surroundings while providing thought-provoking commentary. He also soaks up knowledge about the city from his famed tour guide. Jay even meets with Sister Nancy, whose famous vocals are sampled on the track by No. I.D.

The videos was presumably shot back in June when Jigga visited Marley in Jamaica. At the time, it was unclear whether Hov was putting out an album or not. The mysterious ads that had just started popping up had people thinking that was the case, but then a commercial for the project implied it was a film instead.

“Well, I did some work with him for some stuff that he’s working on,” Marley explained to Billboard at the time. “I’m not really sure of the details of his project in that sense, but we worked on some music together. I’ve been a fan of his music since he came out. We’ve never done any musical work together. So that was a joy to finally work together musically.”

Watch JAY-Z and Damian Marley's "Bam" video below.

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