The end of an era is quickly approaching as President Barack Obama will no longer be the Commander-in-Chief in a few weeks. President Obama is going to go out in style though with a farewell party scheduled to take place this Friday (Jan. 6). Jay Z will be among those in attendance, along with his wife Beyoncé. According to the Washington Post, there are also rumors that Hov and Bey will perform at the party.

A person with knowledge of the invitees says Usher, Samuel L. Jackson, Bradley Cooper, Stevie Wonder, Georga Lucas and Oprah Winfrey are among the other celebrities on the invite list. President Obama will follow up the party with a farewell address in Chicago on Jan. 10.

Jay Z performing at the farewell party makes plenty of sense as President Obama has been a huge supporter of hip-hop during his time in office. The president even appeared on Sway in the Morning a few months ago to speak on the current rap scene, which included his position that Jay Z is still king.

“I think the young guys, Kendrick and Chance are doing amazing work," Obama said. "I love Drake and the girls love Drake. He’s, commercially, just doing great and unbelievably talented. Jay Z is still the king. You know, he’s got a track record. Same with Kanye.”

Hov's presence at the Obama farewell party will be another reminder of just how different things are going to be in a few weeks. It's doubtful that Jay Z will pop up at any events during Donald Trump's presidency.

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