Weeks after Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico in ruin, JAY-Z has gone all out to help those affected by the disastrous storm. After getting his music streaming service, Tidal, into the action by orchestrating the donation of 200,000 pounds worth of supplies to the island, Hov's stepped forth to lend his famed New York City 40/40 club for more Hurricane Maria relief efforts.

According to TMZ, Hov's aligning himself with Puerto Rican Family Institute and Big & Little Skills Academy to facilitate Disaster Relief For Puerto Rico, a fundraiser for Hurricane Maria relief efforts. Hov's letting the group have their event at the Manhattan 40/40 Club on Weds., Oct. 11.—free of charge.

In addition to loaning the free space, Hov will also have the spot serve his D'Usse cognac brand for free through the event's first hour—just so long as you donate money or items to the fundraiser. The event organizers request that attendees bring flashlights, school supplies, solar lamps and batteries.

As we mentioned before, Hov's also used Tidal to help raise funds for Hurricane Maria relief, and he's teamed with Fat Joe to do so. Speaking with CNN earlier this week, Joey explained that he and other Puerto Ricans felt the U.S. hadn't acted to help out the island soon enough.

On the brighter side of things, Joey Crack did reveal that he and Hov's initial goal of raising 200,000 pounds worth of supplies had been exceeded several times over. “We set out a goal with JAY-Z and Tidal to fill up one plane with 200,000 pounds, and actually we filled up five planes, and we gotta fill up another five more,” he explained. “We’re at 2 million pounds that the city of New York has collected.”

Shout out to Hov and Joey.

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