Jay IDK released one of the best projects of 2016 in The Empty Bank. The D.C. rapper decided to return to the album months later to provide visuals for the standout cut "Boy's Innocence" featuring Fat Trel.

Trel was unable to appear due to his incarceration, but Jay covered for him by donning a mask and bringing the track to life. Jay can been seen roaming through the snow as the potent words of the track hit home.

"Money low, I’m on my grind, gotta keep it stacking/ Heat off, cold as fuck, light the stove with matches/Wake up, turn to robbing like I'm friends with Batman/Gun charges on my record I can't get 'em off/I am really not a thug, but when that money call/It make a nigga turn to something that he not at all/Rob a nigga for his shit and leave him in his drawls,” Jay raps.

Jay spoke to XXL about his outstanding LP around its release and explained how the concept came together. Jay detailed how his own experiences with money shaped the entire album.

The Empty Bank talks about really specific instances where I kind of make the wrong moves based off of money, and it also details instances where I was acting like I had money when I really didn’t have that much money,” Jay said. “The project really spells out a lot of that. If you listen to it, you’ll get an understanding of what’s going on in my head.”

Check out the video for "Boy's Innocence" below and make sure to listen to The Empty Bank if you have not already.

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