Adult Swim and Toonami have a longstanding tradition of infusing hip-hop with the look and sound of their brand, and it doesn't appear their interest in that will fade for a long time. Today (April 26), a new report revealed that Jay IDK has signed on with the network to produce exclusive visual content to go alongside the release of his forthcoming album.

In an interview, Jay IDK claims he chose to work with Adult Swim because he grew up loving the "nostalgic" J Dilla music they played on the channel. He also explained how the partnership came about. "It was an idea I had in terms of finding a new way to drop my album," Jay revealed.

He continued, "I did a conceptual album previously [with Subtrap] where it's important to understand the story, and I just thought it would be great to paint a picture visually and then have a TV component. And even before that, I was getting my project together and taking beats that sounded like it could be on Adult Swim. Actually, I had the Adult Swim logo as my screensaver. I was seeing it everyday, putting it in my mind. Law of attraction. So then, that's how I came up with the idea."

Jay IDK's last project, titled The Empty Bank, came out last September. There's no word on when, exactly, his next project will drop, but he says he's recorded 40 songs for it. He couldn't get too far into the specifics of the work he's doing with Adult Swim, but he confirmed he was going to produce "certain visuals to paint the picture" he and the network are trying to paint for his album. Sounds dope. We expect nothing but greatness from the prospective 2017 XXL Freshman.

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