Even 20 years after his passing, the late Notorious B.I.G. is still regarded as one of the best to ever do it. With his legacy and music standing the test of time after all these years, B.I.G.'s short-lived career is considered one of the most impactful and influential music careers of all time. With his tragic death shocking so many people in '97, hip-hop fans have not forgotten the day they found out Biggie Smalls died. One rapper in particular who recalls the tragic day is Roc Nation's own Jay Electronica, who spoke with XXL in New Orleans about the day he found out Biggie Smalls died and what his legacy meant for hip-hop culture.

"I remember exactly where I was when B.I.G. passed away," remembers Jay Elect. "I was here in New Orleans by the train tracks, by the scatter sites, when somebody told me that Biggie got killed. I couldn't believe it. I was waiting to wake up the next day and hear on the radio, 'Oh no! It was a joke.' I couldn't believe it."

When asked about B.I.G.'s impact in hip-hop, Jay praised the late Frank White for making his presence felt during his short-lived career, "He came in and made a presence." Sharing with XXL why he felt B.I.G.'s presence in hip-hop so deeply, Jay added, "I measure artists that I like, not only by their skill level, but by the thing that connects me to an artist, the ability for them to do what they're doing and have a profound effect on my life. So in that way B.I.G. was very important to hip-hop to me. I love B.I.G."

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