Less than three weeks of being found guilty—on all 13 charges—of running a multimillion-dollar, cross-country cocaine shipping operation, James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond has also been found guilty with arranging the murder of an associate of the rapper 50 Cent.

On Friday (June 22) Manhatta officials confirmed that Rosemond was found guilty of conspiring with five other men to kill Lowell Fletcher, a G-Unit associate, in the Bronx back in 2009.

“This has not been a good month for Jimmy the Henchman,” New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said in a statement, as reported by The New York Times. Kelly added that the murder of Fletcher was in retaliation for an assault on Rosemond’s son.

The Times adds that Rosemond and another man hired at least two of the defendants to kill Fletcher in exchange for drugs, according to the indictment in the United States District Court in Manhattan.

Rosemond was the former CEO of CZAR Entertainment, which was managerially associated with acts like Game, Sheek Louch, Gucci Mane, Akon, Brandy and even Mike Tyson at one point. Henchman, who’s currently in federal custody, is waiting on his sentencing, but facing life in prison.

“I am very disappointed,” Rosemond’s attorney Gerald Shargel told XXLMag.com following his client’s guilty verdict in the drug scheme on June 5. “I thought that there were reasons to doubt and we intend to pursue and appeal and take advantage of all legal remedies available to us.

“As I said in my closing statements, the prosecution that in my view could not be trusted,” he added. “It rested in large part on the word of people who have been proven to be liars again and again, who hoodwinked the government again and again with their previous lying and the government seems so willing to embrace these people, these cooperators. I’m still under the view that the prosecution’s case could not be trusted, but I have to deal with the verdict. I’m going to continue fighting for Jimmy.”—Jakinder Singh