Jacki-O may not have made Luda’s list of baddest chicks, but with a new album on her own label (Jack Move Ent.), her second book, an unabashed autobiography (Relentless) and new mixtape (Jacki-O as Griselda Blanco) all on the way, it seems that the Miami native has her own massive attack planned for the game.

Seven years since her explicit debut single, “Nookie,” the foul-mouthed femcee is still serving up sexy, strip-club anthems such as “Pussy Like Dope.” But this time around, Ms. “Sugar Walls” is taking a more street approach with her music than fans have come to expect from her.

Never shy about speaking her mind, Jacki spoke candidly with XXLMag.com to address everything from drama with her former labels, to beef with fellow Floridians like Khia and Khaled, to how she does things that your chick wish she could.

XXLMag.com: There was a rumor that you had a verse on Ludacris’ “My Chick Bad (Remix)” but it got taken off. Is that true?

Jacki-O: I was never on the record [to be taken off]! I never even got the instrumental! That’s a rumor! I was never contacted, and I see that a lot of females were, however, I wasn’t invited to the album so that’s not true.

XXLMag.com: A lot of female rappers seem to be taking shots at newcomer Nicki Minaj theses days. How do you feel about that?

Jacki-O: A lot of people ask me about [Nicki] and I think they wanna see if I’m gonna take shots… I’ve never been a hater. When I came in the game I never stepped on toes. As a female, you’re being competitive when you rap and you may say little things while you rappin’ but to come straight out and just take shots at another female, I never did that ’cause I never felt like I had to do that. I seen her bubblin’ from the beginning. She reached out to me a couple times. We never got to a chance to work, but I always had words of encouragement for her, like, “Keep doin’ ya thing, and just do you.” And now that I see she’s doin’ that, she gon’ get shot at [by other people]. I say, go for it, fuck ’em! Excuse my language, but just do you! If you look back and entertain the foolishness, then it’s gonna take you off your focus, so, you know, I just say do you, and keep it moving!

XXLMag.com: Does the same apply for your own beef with fellow rapper Khia? In the past you two have had tensions or have you moved passed that now?

Jacki-O: It’s not relevant on my part… I mean I’ve had issues with females in the past and I’ve gotten past it, I don’t know if they have, but I have definitely gotten past it. Seein’ as though the state of hip-hop when it comes to women, we already in last place, as women in hip-hop, it’s no need for women to be beefin’ about anything, so I mean I have definitely gotten past it.

XXLMag.com: Can you explain why you chose the name Griselda Blanco for your new mixtape?

Jacki-O: It’s an alias. It’s still Jacki-O, just as “Griselda Blanco.” For those that don’t know, Griselda Blanco was one of the most powerful people in the Miami coke game back in the 1980’s. She was known for having no tolerance for foolishness. She had just as much power, if not more power than the men back then. I’m sure that a lot of people will say, “Why would you name yourself Griselda Blanco? She was responsible for a lot of killings and a lot of deaths…” Well, I don’t condone the deaths, and the killings, and the drugs… I condone her strength and I condone her power… It also goes with what’s going on in the streets right now. A lot of guys are “drug-driven” in their records and their music is hardcore and I see that people like that. So I’m gonna give the people what they want, you know?

XXLMag.com: Did you feel pressure to change your style to fit that persona of more “drug-driven” music?

Jacki-O: Actually, I feel pressured more when I do songs like “Pussy Like Dope.” That’s a very sexual oriented record. [But] I feel more comfortable rapping hardcore. A lot of people would say, “Yeah, right…’ but you know, when I came out with “Nookie,” the [people] were lovin’ it, but they were sayin’, that’s all she can do. So, I continued to do sexual records, seeing as though that’s what they wanted… I [really] wanted to do hardcore records. But if that’s what people want, that’s what you give ’em… When I start hearing people request other types of records from me, that’s when I’ll given ’em other types of records. But this Griselda Blanco mixtape is something I wanted to do for myself, as well as that’s what people are asking for, you know, the drug dealin’ and the street records, and that sort of thing. So I went street on this mixtape.

XXLMag.com: Will your next album be in that same sort of “hardcore” lane?

Jacki-O: The album is more mainstream, more commercial... I’m just going with what I feel… Honestly, I don’t know what’s going on with hip-hop right now? It goes from “Laffy Taffy,” to “Superman,” to… It’s like, are you serious? Is this what hip-hop is going to?! But that’s what people want to hear… It’s crazy, but that’s what it is. Nowadays, you put a mainstream artist out, and he may not get no play in the south. Then you got artists that’s all over the radio station, that nobody’s heard of, but in their city they hot!

XXLMag.com: Recently, you’ve had some negative things to say about the support of local artists from DJs in your own hometown—specifically DJ Khaled. Care to elaborate on that?

Jacki-O: I have issues when it comes to DJs that take up space in my city that… you have a job playing records on the airwaves, and yet you playing the same artists over and over and over again? I have no beef with the artists that he’s playing, and with all due respect to them and their craft, I would love for them to get airplay, but what about the [other] people that’s in the city? If you reppin’ this city, then rep the city! Don’t hold beefs or grudges with people just because you’re friends with my ex-label-mates…that’s crazy! If you hear a record that’s poppin’ in the streets and it’s poppin’ in the clubs—play it on the station! I have a problem when the DJ feel like he more powerful than the artist and I think that’s the stance that he takes when it come to this music and it’s just ridiculous, so I do have a problem with him. It’s not just me, but a lot of people do. Maybe they think it and don’t say it but I choose to say it because I feel like it’s an injustice and it’s not right and it’s not fair, so I’m callin’ [Khaled] out on it… On air, he not even sayin’ the hoods right, he saying the hoods wrong! His syllables is wrong when he shoutin’ out the cities, and the hoods…it’s crazy [you can tell that] he not from Miami… We accepted you in our city and you were chosen to rep our city and then you get in office and you flip the script, that’s crazy!

XXLMag.com: In addition to your music you also are an author and have your second book Relentless coming out. What’s can people expect from that one?

Jacki-O: It’s a book about my life, me growing up in the ‘hood, seeing a lot of things. I speak about how I got into the business, the people that I’ve met… the sex scandals, the fake black ballin’ and all of that stuff. I speak about everything in the book. It’s a definitely a page-turner and it’s real. I hear a lot of rumors, and people say things that they don’t even know [about]. They don’t know why I left my label, when I left it, and what it took for me to leave. I talk about all of that. I’m not doin’ the “Superhead,” where I’m putting niggas out there, but I talk about everything. I did come in contact with people that I’ve done things with…that I’m not ashamed to talk about. People will definitely say, “Wow, I didn’t know!” And, “Wow, are you serious?!” So yeah, it’s gonna be one of those types of books! People will be very surprised, seeing as though I’m saying it from my mouth, and not having someone else say it. Because people can think whatever they want to think about you, [but] until they hear it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, you can’t confirm it. So a lot of things will either be confirmed or denied and it’s just setting the record straight! —Jonathon “Gotti” Bonanno