J. Cole sat down with Creed director Ryan Coogler on Monday (Jan. 18) for an interview during the celebratory #MLKNow event (to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legacy), and unbeknownst to the rapper, Coogler let a major life detail slip out.

"How did getting married change you, bro?" the director asked. A shocked Cole doesn't answer the question so much as react to Coogler blowing up his spot. "Oh, What is that?!" the rapper says. Coogler is apologetic, saying he had never interviewed anyone before and didn't know what was off limits. "Yeah. That was like one thing to not do," a speechless Cole said, before letting him off the hook saying, "Nah it's all good."

Before this confirmation, news spread that Cole had been engaged to his longtime college sweetheart Melissa Heholt. The couple's alma mater, St. John's University, had tweeted their congratulations back in December of 2013, and it would appear that the two tied the knot shortly after.

Coogler's phrasing of the question suggests their union was fairly recently as well. Based on Cole's reaction, it's clear that the information was meant to be a secret or for a select to know. Now, the fact that he is a married man is very much public knowledge.

For somebody whose raps are so largely autobiographical and of a personal nature, it's impressive that Cole was able to keep the news under wraps for so long. If it weren't for Coogler's slip who knows how or when the rest of the world would have found out about his marriage.

Watch the interaction below and press play on the full video above.

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