Despite previous tensions, it appears J. Cole and Lil Pump have mended any ill feelings as they sat down for a conversation during the Rolling Loud music festival in Miami, Fla. earlier this month (May 11). While patching up their differences, the KOD rapper and the rising star recorded their conversation, which features them both interviewing each other.

A very brief preview clip of the interview is currently circulating social media, which features Pump discussing an incident involving a gun, which could potentially be from his January arrest after he reportedly rang a gun inside his San Fernando Valley, Calif. home.

"The weed shit," Pump describes. "[It] smelled like weed in my house. People get tired of that shit...So we started arguing, and I told him the same shit like, 'Bro, you're fucking bombing.' And he got mad. He tried to fight me and shit. That's when I pulled the strap out on him."

It's hard to determine whether the interview was recorded before or after Cole and Pump's performances during the festival. So far, there's no word on when the interview will be officially dropping, but the official Rolling Loud Twitter account assured that it will come sooner than later.

"Soon," they responded to a fan who asked about its release.


If you recall, the "Gucci Gang" entertainer stated this past weekend (May 20) that he and Cole are "on good terms" after he felt that Cole was dissing him on his "1985" record from his recent album.

Prior to their discussion, Pump appeared to take a shot at Cole in April, saying, "Wow, you get so much props. You dissed a 17-year-old." Just four days after the album dropped, which led to social media heavily discussing the song, Pump thanked Cole on Instagram for the clout, telling him, "Cole, thank you for all the clout. Appreciate it."

Check out a preview of Pump and Cole's interview in the post below.

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