Lately, it seems like there's an item of Tupac's up for sale nearly every week. Holders of Pac's prized possessions are putting the icon's belongings up for sale at their own risk as it's clear by several lawsuits that Tupac's estate is not so fond of the auctions. Apparently there's a bit of a battle going on as Pac himself never relinquished the possessions, so the true owner has yet to be identified.

In September, the rap icon's estate told TMZ that managers and employees of Tupac's had a fire sale after his death in 1996, selling off a host of his prized collections and memorabilia. The estate maintains that they are the sole owners of the rapper's belongings because he never sold them and are encouraging people who come across Pac's stuff to return it to them. They additionally added that they will be "aggressively pursuing" anyone who tries to exploit Tupac's memory.

Some of Pac's career-altering contracts and plaques have recently made their way into auctions. Goldin Auctions is currently selling Pac's personal RIAA multi-platinum sales plaque for Me Against The World, signed contracts from the films Juice and Poetic Justice, as well as song lyrics written out by the rapper prior to recording. Moments In Time also put the bullet dented pendant worn by Tupac during the infamous 1994 shooting in New York City up for sale with the bid starting at $125,000.

While there's an obvious battle of ownership on the horizon and the items may not be available for much longer, check out all of the items once owned by Tupac that were recently put up for sale.

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