50 Cent and Irv Gotti's beef runs deep, and has graduated from the streets to music and now television. With both of them having a show on BET, the rivalry only seems to be continuing on its petty path.

Fif was recently critical of Irv's new show, Tales, during a recent interview on The Breakfast Club, insinuating that he would have the show removed from the network. “They’ll be gone. They won’t be there long. I have full on intentions of removing that,” said 50. “There are adjustments to be made.”

Irv is now firing back at the Queens rapper, saying his new show 50 Central significantly underwhelmed on its debut. "As y’all know. The whore been saying he is gonna get Tales off BET. Haha," Irv started. "So let me let y’all know what the Whore did this week with his new bullshit series 50 Central. The #’s came in on Thursday. But I wasn’t gonna say shit. But my brother Rule said Fuck That nigga. Let it be known. 50 Central WAS THE WORST PREMIERED SHOW IN BET ALL YEAR. BOTH THAT AND THE SHOW BEFORE IT COMBINED TO BE THE WORST PREMIERES FOR BET ALL YEAR. WITH RATINGS SO LOW AND RESPONSES FROM THE LIL PEOPLE WHO WATCHED SAYING ITS FUCKING HORRIBLE, he added.

The Murda Inc. co-founder didn't stop there. "I did not watch that bullshit. But I seen and heard what was being said. That it’s garbage. It’s awkward. What is this clown doing. Because you are a clown nigga don’t mean you a funny clown nigga. You just a fucking clown."

The saga continues.

Check out Irv's entire post below.

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