Iggy Azalea has been in the news frequently over the past handful of months, and often not because of her music. The Australian rapper, long a lightning rod for complaints about racism and cultural appropriation, has retreated from social media after a series of highly publicized spats. But while she says the culture is largely poisonous, her decision to pull back and let her management team handle her Twitter account was motivated largely by her focus on writing and recording her new, sophomore album. Despite being shut out at this month's Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Iggy's debut record, The New Classic, was a hit with fans and retailers, spawning massive hits including the Charli XCX-featuring "Fancy."

In addition to giving her philosophy on staying above the online fray (Azalea says she still carves out time to see what her fans are saying about her music and, time permitting, to interact with them), the Grand Hustle affiliate opened up about her boyfriend, Nick Young. According to Iggy, the eccentric Lakers guard would provoke her in her online feuds with rappers, fans and pizza delivery companies, telling her to be more aggressive--and even to channel Kanye West.

As for those fans she does speak with online, Iggy can't always be sure as to their true identity. She admitted that a fan with whom she had struck up a correspondence was revealed to be her mother, who was playfully catfishing her.