Iggy Azalea appeared on Ryan Seacrest's radio show today and talked about her Papa John's incident plus unveiled she's become a VIP member at Pizza Hut.

If you'll recall, about two weeks ago (Feb. 8), Iggy took to Twitter to vent her frustrations with the pizza company. According to the Australian rapper, one of Papa John's employees at Iggy's local neighborhood store gave away her personal number to family members. That led to Iggy's phone being bombarded with messages and calls. While speaking with Seacrest, the Grammy-nominated rhyme-slinger went into more details as she explained the story.

The Papa John's in the "Fancy" rapper's neighborhood, which she frequently orders from, hired a new delivery boy. Iggy usually orders under different name (she orders as Alejandro Hernandez). However, once the delivery boy realized exactly who he was serving he went crazy, which judging from Azalea's impression of the 18-year old was vert comical.

The following day, The New Classic MC says she had about 12 missed calls from the teenager's family members, including his sister and cousin. Concerned with Papa John's security practices, she called up the restaurant to file a complaint and was told the issue would be dealt with. The delivery boy's supervisor later told Iggy he spoke with the driver's mother and offered her free pizza. Thinking this wasn't enough, Iggy took to Twitter to vent.

Iggy said everything has been worked out and her intention was never to issue a lawsuit. She was just concerned that the issue wasn't taken seriously enough.  The Senior VP of Papa John's called her to apologize and offered free pizza, but Iggy refused, saying "I'm totally cool paying for the pizza. I just want to know that you're taking this serious because it affects other people too." So there you have it.