With her platinum selling single "Fancy" and feature on Ariana Grande's "Problem" skyrocketing on the Billboard charts, it's no wonder Iggy Azalea's popularity has increased at rapid pace in such a short period of time. Forbes reported the Australian bombshell's social media following has grown so much, Azalea has become as popular as the word "apparent" online.

“The Eminems and Rihannas of Facebook (i.e. those with over 70 million page likes) are about as popular as words like “it”, “with”, “for”, and “and," said  Next Big Sound Maker’s blog, Data Scientist, Adam Hajari. "Iggy Azalea, with her 2 million Facebook page likes, is about as popular as the words “apparent,” “bigger,” “vision,” “sick,” and “imply,” all fairly common words."

The New Classic artist has created a name for herself with her unexpected raspy rapping voice and a body that continues to keep both men and women followers in awe.